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We are
an innovative agricultural company

At Greenstar, we are well grounded in theory and practice of modern-day agriculture characterized by efficient utilization of resources

To provide unique agri-business services and cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

To be the leading provider of innovative agri-business solutions in Nigeria and beyond.

Focus on innovative business ideas| Practice high ethical standards | Respect the environment | Meet the changing needs of clients and consumers

Our Products

We offer some of the best and Quality Products in the Agribusiness Landscape. Explore Our Products


Greenstar provides our clients with the best quality farm inputs local and internationally

Agricultural Equipment

We provide several categoery of modern equipment for farm use.


We provide healthy and affordable fingerlings for fish farmers in Nigeria and across borders.

Green house

designed to suit the local weather where maximum natural ventilation is needed. We consider the need to prevent insects from attacking plants

Our Services

We are well grounded in theory and practice of modern-day agriculture characterized by efficient utilization of resources.  Our level of experience in the field is extremely outstanding

Field Surveys

Accurately measuring yields, a principal agricultural statistic, requires sound data on crop production and land area.. That's where we come in.

Data Collection and Analysis

We allow for farmers to approach conservation at a landscape-scale, The more information growers have, the better the opportunities to work together with others at a watershed-scale to make informed decisions.

Impact Assessments

We help in measuring the effectiveness of organisational activities and judging the significance of changes brought about by those activities

Capacity Building Training

We engage in the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in Agricultural Landscape

Livelihood Resilience Support

This is key to making sustainable development a reality. We ensuring that agriculture and food systems are productive and risk sensitive in order to feed present and future

Agribusiness Development Service

Inputs and outputs market linkages
Access to finance (Equipment, tools and Working capital)
Agribusiness development intelligence services (Innovation and diversification)
Competitiveness and productivity

what Our Clients Say

Excellent Delivery of Services and products

well grounded in theory & Practice of

modern-day agriculture

Our level of experience in the field is extremely outstanding. We haveconducted and managed more than 100 agricultural projects over a span of 10 years.

Greenstar Agribusiness is an innovative agricultural company that specializes in agribusiness consultancy

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